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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry for the delay

Hello everyone, I didn't realize that it had been so long since I have posted. We've been pretty busy around here. Thanks goodness for my mom staying with us to keep us all sane and Mike's clothes ironed.... I might be more sad then I am to see her go... he'll never have his clothes and nicely pressed as they are now!
Brooklyn is still trying to hang on. She's fighting a lot of crap in her system and her lil' body is struggling to stay a head of it all. She's got 2 huge infections, lungs that are tired, a heart the still isn't working probably and she's still recovering from surgery. At some point it will all work out... it has to. I just wish I knew which way that would be. Thankfully Mike and I still feel calm about it all. Isabel colored some pictures for her sister today and she was so excited to have them taped up to Brooklyn's bed at the hospital. She told Bwookwn to get better and come home. Yes it was totally cute.
So unfortunately the only good news is that her brain is totally untouched as far as they can tell. OH that and she's peeing. Other then that she's been getting worse before she is getting better and she's really sick. But she's still fighting. For those that have called and I haven't called back. I probably won't until my mom leaves this Friday. So don't feel bad, it's not personal but it' my momma!


Tara L. said...

We are still praying for your family, especially little Brooklyn.

Barnes Family said...

my heart hurts so much for the unknown and yet to be revealed. we are praying for you and hope that you all pull through successfully.

Southern Princess said...

You know you are always in our thoughts & prayers! Give Mike & Izzie hugs & kisses for us!
We love you!