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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What are you most afraid of?

We found out what Isabel is most afraid of today. My poor child was traumatized today. So be careful when you take your child to....The Butterfly house. So here are some pictures from the traumatic event as well as the ensuing activities of the carosel ride and lastly a happy child with her McDonalds toy.


lesliem said...

What a funny day! I wish there was a pic of her during the event, running away from butterflies. It's amazing how different your perspective is when you are 2 (almost). She's getting so big! She's grown so much since I saw her a couple of months... maybe it was 4, not a couple... ago! All that hair and those long legs!

Annette L said...

And WHY have a never looked at your blog before? I have no idea! But now, I shall subscribe to it. Isabel is adorable. How funny that she was traumatized by butterflies, they are such fierce, frightening creatures.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

You know that butterfly is latin for "creatures too scary to live under your bed", right? I just assumed that was common knowledge...Seriously, though, even I get a little nervous in a butterfly house...I just shivered.

John and Lara said...

I love it! The photos actually do a great job of showing her fear. I got such a kick out of her at the butterfly house. I can't believe how so many kids were freaked out. Wait yes I can, to them the butterflies were probably like the size of bats and crazy fast. She cracked me up.

Debbie said...

haha.. that's funny! then again, I've never had tons of butterflies flying around me all at once. The Botanical Gardens here in Huntsville is supposed to have a butterfly house starting April 26th, so I guess i will have to experience it for myself.