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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've decided that sleep is often over-rated. Isn't it far more fun to work hard to not be cranky and fussy? This past week my angel of a daughter has been having a tough time not being a fallen angel. At first I thought I was seeing the beginnings of the terrible two (she hits the milestone on May 1st!). Then I noticed that she was getting a new tooth, so I thought well that's part of it. THEN I SAW THEM! EIGHT............. yes EIGHT (8) teeth all coming in at the same time. All four premolars and first year molars are now breaking through. I felt awful for my baby...she hasn't eaten much lately and now I know why! Friday night was tough for her. I put her to bed at 8:30 and she woke up at 10 crying, finally went back to sleep about 15 min later ( and yes I've been OD ing her on meds) then at 2 am the most awful 'mommy, mommy, mommy' so I went to get her and hold her for a few minutes. Well 10 minutes later when she was calm I put her back in her crib and the screaming started, so I left her and got more meds. Then took her back out and we laid down on the floor to sleep. For the next 1.5 hrs we laid and 'slept' and I tried to put her in her crib at least 3 times and she's scream EVERY time. Finally about 3:40am she stayed asleep. I happily went back to bed and then woke up at 5 am to her screaming, she went back to sleep after about 5 minutes. Then at 7 am she was just awake. I've learned a few things this weekend
1. that baby tylenol doesn't do much
2. baby motrin is awesome.
3. Isabel loves taking meds just as much as I do so I might have to lock up the Dimeatap and Pepto when she's older.
4. How much I truly love my sleep
5. How grateful I am for a husband who lets it roll off his back (at least for one day!) when I'm cranky and say things I shouldn't because I'm so stinking tired.

I know we all as mothers' have these experiences but honestly this was my first major one. Thankfully (knocking on wood) she's never really been sick to where I've had to check on her throughout the night and change outfits, diapers or sheets. So I guess I am now officially a mom!


Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Congratulations on becoming a mother! Olivia hasn't been bad when her teeth come in...but she's only had the easy front teeth so far. I guess I know what to look forward to!

Southern Princess said...

lol! Well okay Congrats on being a mother :)
I feel so bad for you on the lack of sleep...check that - poor Mike :o):o)!!!
As for my entry you would have gotten a kick out of those races - CRAZZZYYYY!!!! When you come down if they have another one we may sneak up there & watch again - this time I am taking a video camera. No one believes me on how crazy those guys are :o).
We miss you!!!