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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tagged...ths one I'll finish...

So Lara tagged me yesterday so I thought since I was bored and need something to do while Izzy is taking 45 min to eat breakfast, I'd do this now rather then forget!
10 year ago I was getting ready to graduate from HS. My grandfather passed away 1 week before I was supposed to see him on my way to my orientation at THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA!!! I was getting to celebrate my one year baptism in The Church. Oh and I was dating the college boy and was trying to break up with him but wasn't sure how!

5 Places I've visited:
*Canberra, Australia
*Kona, Hawaii
*Lahaina, and Kannapali, HI
*Orlando Florida
*Denver (area), Colorado

5 Things on my to do list:
*Return primer to Wal-mart
*buy correct primer from Wal-mart
*buy mozzarella cheese for lasagna tonight
*finish 3 loads of laundry
*make my living room livable for the next 4 days until we rip up the carpet

3 bad habits:
*I LOVE oatmeal choco chip cookies!
*I just noticed that I have been talking down about myself lately...need to stop that...
*Some times I nag Mike (well probably a lot) but I am getting so much better at stopping that

5 life time goals:
*To live in my house without major projects going on
*Raise righteous child(ren) who get continue to keep the faith
*Be a good mom
*To do develop my talents and hobbies further
*learn to keep a SUPER clean house

5 things you might not know about me:
*I get a little bit of hair on my big toes that I have to shave ( I am so gross)Lara...me too!
*I really want to have a boob job after a child so people will just think my boobs stayed after I had one
*I love to pretend I am in (or relive) prior situations and figure out what I will (or should have said)
*I am jealous of my daughters gorgeous eyes!
*I'm getting over my fear of spiders(and all the old roommates are saying...FINALLY, they ever thought it would happen) but I'm still terrified of roaches.

I tag anyone with free time while their children are entertaining themselves!


John and Lara said...

I've found out through this tag that us hairy big toed women are not alone!

lesliem said...

you do realize you daughter has your gorgeous eyes...