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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life as of Late

The past few weeks we've tried to do some more fun stuff as a family We headed to Central West End for their Ice Festival where Isabel got to go on an ice slide, play miniature golf outside... well a couple of holes, and eat her first s'mores, she loved it!

I also spent a lot of time making these brooches for a meeting Mike went too. There were 20 all together but these were my favorite 9.

Then lastly today our city also had an ice festival so we went down there today and saw all the ice sculptures. Isabel loved the angel, she said it looks just like Brooklyn's angel in my room ( a friend gave me a beautiful angel snow globe)! The 2nd favorite was the LIghtening McQueen one.

Lastly, the cute girl has had fun playing with my old make-up... and look how grown up she looks! I've lost my little girl! and just for Leslie... a cute picture of Isabel eating... what else... parasean cheese popcorn in her Izzy Sized bowl Leslie made her for Christmas!


Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Look how long her hair is! She really isn't a baby anymore is she? And are you sure that you didn't make that s'more the way you make your pecan pie and sweet potato pie? She looks completely intoxicated!

Amy said...

I have to say...I'm a little dissapointed that she has nearly made it 4 years without a s'more. And, I can't get over her hair! LOVE IT!

socks100 said...

Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun, wish I was out there so we could play with you all!! The flowers turned out really cute way to go.

lesliem said...

Very nice! I, too, am disappointed that she has only now had a s'more! But her hair's long enough... did she at least get marshmallow in her hair? She is starting to look like a young girl now. How pretty she is. I don't know if I'll see ya'll before I leave in April. Makes me sad to think I'll miss an entire year!

Southern Princess said...

lolololololol Cheyenne's comment about the boozy food cracks me up!

She is so beautiful! I miss y'all. Tell her Aunt Courtney & Uncle Marcus love her so much! Also tell her to give you & Mike a big hug from us!!

4 years - no s'more? A TRAVESTY it is!