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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ice Skating... Ducks

Saturday night. Mike scored some free tickets for ice skating to an outdoor rink. We thought it would be so much fun in 10 degree weather to be outside skating as a family so we went at 6:30. (yup, good parents we are!)
Isabel LOVED it. She held on to our hands and had a hard time with her balance but was squealing most of the time with a big silly grin on her face. She was sad to get off when the zamboni had to re surface it but waiting, almost patiently, for the return. Her favorite time was when Mike would grab her under her arms and take her skating fast in in circles. This girl loves the ice and kept saying "mom are you so proud of me?!" yes Isabel I am.

For the sake of not posting 4 times in a day I"ll just piggy back on this one. I also have lots of pictures of Isabel's new favorite past-time...

And for my sister.... Since Oregon and Alabama won't be playing each other anytime soon and they were in the Rose Bowl and Leslie bought her a new Ducks shirt I let her say "go ducks" and cheer... of course she wouldn't say go ducks, I think she was still afraid that she'd get in trouble. But here are the pictures of her running around the house shaking her shakers anyway.


lesliem said...

How much trouble would she get in to say 'go ducks?' My goodness. Also, in the pic with you and her ice skating, she looks almost as tall as you!

I've got some pics of her jumping. I'll send them tonight. Also when we were pretending to sleep and wake up and go back to sleep. Yes, we photographed it. Oh, and her singing along to Bruce Springteen's Santa Clause is Coming to Town song... except every time the reindeer came on the video she was completely distracted and started listing off reindeer in random order and random names.

socks100 said...

Cute pics!! She is getting so big I love it.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

So, in the last picture she looks like she's the size of a sock. She looks so happy in all of them! What a great mom you are!

Southern Princess said...

FUN!! I love this pictures!

Leslie - she won't get into trouble, but perhaps she understands that Go Ducks is just not proper and that Roll Tide is good etiquette... ;o)

Tracy she is just adorable!!!!! I miss y'all!!! Give her hugs for me and Marcus & tell her Peanut says hello!

Bullock said...

I love that your husband is jumping on the bed! This one picture tells me that he's a great dad and that we'd get along. :)