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Monday, January 18, 2010

Another angel up in Heaven

This morning a wonderful family from church said goodbye to their 7 yr old daughter. Where I feel for them, and for the times they will not have with her here on the earth, I can't help but feel some relief also. The little girl has battled a rare form brain cancer that was only in her spine last year, then was cancer free after spending 8 months at St Jude's in Memphis. Her cancer returned and her little body was ready to run and play in a another realm. For their family the pain and struggle of watching her be so sick and weak is over. I wish I was like so many of my friends that are much more eloquent with words then I am. I could write something more fitting for this beautiful, wonderful, sweet daughter of God. My heart goes out to their family, but I know they too will have their strength in the Lord and have no worries about her next estate.


Thanaglim said...

I think you did just fine with writing your tribute.

Sorry for their loss.

Amanda said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard yet. At least she will no longer be in pain.

Southern Princess said...

Can you imagine how amazing heaven is today? Though tears are shed here and a life is missed, her journey has just begun. She is welcomed into the most wonderful of realms,surrounded by light & love that we cannot even fathom. Sometimes it feels like life is taken from us, stripped away as though a cruel joke. Yet we must remember that the laughter is not meant to hurt but to comfort.
It is not a joke it is a blessing. Her pain is gone, her worry no longer plagues her, her family no longer watches what they cannot control. God saw to it that she touch their lives. He knew that she was something to behold and he blessed her family with her short life.
The family will never be the same. They will wonder what she would have been like, how she would have grown up. But to wonder about these things is not the way to go. I hope they think about how in 7 years they spent time with an angel. A heavenly being so special that she was called home earlier than most. If they wonder, may the family wonder about how fantastic it will be when they meet again. When she stands beside God in all his glory welcoming them home.
Her excited face will tell of all the wonder that they soon will know and her love will shine brighter than the sun. This is a gift. I pray that their hearts will mend and that they will see this as not a joke or curse or illwill but as God's grace.
Tracy - I love you girl. ;o)

tracyp said...

Courtney, that's exactly what I mean about wishing I could write better.... you can be on the hook for my eulogy. :)