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Sunday, January 3, 2010


We were very fortunate here and had a wonderful Christmas. If there was ever going to be a contest in our house for presents.... Isabel would win hands down. It was almost ridiculous.. but she loved everything she got and well so did we!

Again we were fortunate to not have to buy her anything. Everyone else in her life does. Mike's family bought him a new suit... it looks so good on him!

I realize the yellow wall isn't the best background and Isabel in her new dress is blocking all the suit but it's really awesome. By the way Isabel's dress that she has on, came with a matching dress for her doll. She loves it! Thanks Grandma Cindy and Aunt Katie!

We did our traditional progressive dinner with Mike's family for Christmas Eve. Again is was so much fun. It's my favorite thing we do with his family every year. At his Aunt's house she had these amazing salads, one with a cilantro lime dressing that is from Cafe Rio in UT, I've never been there but the dressing was great so I got the recipe for it. And for all you concerned, there may be hope for me yet to be a good mormon. I had a jello salad that I loved! The 1st on ever and the only reason I tried it was because I've never had anything bad from Jill's house so I thought I'd give it a shot. It tasted like those yummy orange/vanilla ice cream cups that you had to eat with the wooden spoon when you were little.

The dessert portion was at our house unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.. but it was great. My cakes were wonderful but a tiny bit dry.... the vanilla was. We had Vanilla bean 4 layer cake, Boston Creme Pie, German Chocolate brownies, and gingerbread cookies. yeah it was good. The chocolate frosting on the Vanilla Bean... OH MY GOODNESS so good!

The day after Christmas is Jameson's Birthday (Mike's brother) so we just were by ourselves for Christmas and go back together with family the day after to celebrate his birthday. It was a good time and Isabel wanted help open presents.

(that wasn't the picture I wanted but saved the wrong one... oh well it's cute!)

After they left we ran errands then I worked 2 hockey games and froze at the 1st rink I was at. Isabel went home with Mike's parents so we could run our errands alone. I have to admit it was nice.

I was so thankful for Christmas this year. Amid all the chaos of life it still is my favorite time of the year to reflect and give thanks to my Heavenly Father for the gift of His miraculous Son. Isabel spent most of the week before Christmas coming up to me and hugging may saying "this is the best Christmas ever" and she loved holding baby Jesus from our nativities. I'm so glad that she was old enough this year to really get into the wonder of it all. She was constantly praying for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I love this little girl!

(she also watch ELF a few times with us and when ever she saw pictures of elves or the elves at the mall santas would exclaim MOM LOOK it's lots of Buddy's!!)
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas this year!


lesliem said...

I see she loves the barbie with the pink hair! That is a lot of presents... wow. Glad to know I contributed to them! Where's your pictures with all your new favorite Jane Austen? I will say that P&P is the best one, so I started you off maybe too high, but after you read the rest, they all get so good every time you read them. And you simply cannot go wrong with Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility with Emma T and Kate W. Enjoy!

Southern Princess said...

It looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas. We did too! I have to post this week about the surprise party Marcus threw me on Saturday night! Totally adorable & from what Mom & Nina said - All him! So sweet!

LoVE YOU!! Glad your cooking went well ;0)

Bethany said...

okay, so if you are ever in Utah--you HAVE to eat at Cafe Rio. One of the things we miss most about Utah. Pork salad is my favorite.

Caroline said...

Love the doll house and the recliner!

Thanaglim said...

that's really weird that you just saw my post and I just these. I don't think it updated like it was supposed toooooo!!

Did I give you access to the private blog? I thought I did...