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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Noisy kids + quiet church =

I am so blessed to have a great family and a wonderful daughter. Isabel is just fabulous. I feel so fortunate that among many families with children in our church, I have one of the quiet ones. Well at least until today I did. There is no telling when Satan entered my child today, but there was no "banishing" of the evil demons that decided to take up residence in my poor child. Thankfully she's still cute that I can still want to hug her and place her gently in her crib rather then throwing her like a football as hard and fast as I can. (Don't worry I actually haven't tried the latter...yet). For those people who have a hard time concentrating at church, I want to apologize for my child being the reason today. The good news is..one more Sunday then is NURSERY time. I will actually be able to attend, pay attention and participate in Sunday school and YW. What an amazing thought..it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!
I do have to take a picture and show you her latest injury. She apparently thought she could walk through doors yesterday as evident by the 2.5in long welt/bruise thing that appeared with a small chunk of skin missing. I guess she couldn't see the car door open in front of her. I'll get her eyes checked soon...
So here's to hoping that next Sunday we can feel the Spirit, the good one.


Southern Princess said...

lol. Awe now Tracy, that football idea might seem like fun, but wouldn't the landing create even more noise? :) No I know what you mean in a totally different sense. Being one of those people who when a child begins to cry while I am at an event where I need to pay attention does not always distract. Don't worry, most people are used to distractions, we all are almost always multi tasking & any other mother in the room easily separated the sounds & was able to listen to the lessons. Besides, always remember the kids even in their 'harder' times can make the event 'exciting' & might even wake up the church member who has slipped slyly to sleep, awakening them to hear the lesson they might just need to hear :)Besides, Izzie is so cute, I mean who would not want to hear her precious little 'voice'. :):):):)

lesliem said...

Satan? I think that was just her channeling YOUR youth. One day of screaming in church? Should I tell all your friends about how amazingly screamy you were? Getting us kicked out of restaurants and grocery stores? And as evidence for my argument of Isabel channeling you, I present issues with car doors. I remember sitting in the hospital while you got stitched up because you knew you could get out the door on your own. You know how many of us are waiting for your second child who will be as much (or little) of an angel as you were! C'mon, Tracy, this is way too easy!

Caroline said...

Girl I know how you feel! We are currently serving in the Greensboro branch where my two children are by far the youngest. Unfortunately for me there is NO nursery there! So I have nothing to look forward to in a month!