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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I hate losing keys. Today is Halloween and after my workout I was going to Wal-mart to get new headphones, to Costco to have my tires rotated and checked, to the mall to have Isabel's picture taken in her cute Halloween costume and then to downtown St Charles with my new neighbors and friends to go trick-or-treating at the store fronts. OH! did I mention my husband took off with the only set of car keys we have. Oh yea, the car seat is in the car.


lesliem said...

It's 9:00pm on Halloween and I will be in my office for another hour working.

But I think not going trick or treating and getting a fantastically cute picture of my niece is more depressing.

Southern Princess said...

losing keys is the worst. You feel so silly when you can't find them & typically when you find them they are in such a simple location that you feel even more agitated. Marcus lost his on Monday, had to have someone come pick him up to go to work, then we found them.. in my purse. He put them there this weekend so that he would not lose them while we were at a party.. oh the irony. :) So did you get to get out & do anything on your TO DO list?

tracyp said...

Luckily for all concered, Mike came home from work at 1pm because he felt so bad and we CLEANED out the car and then I still went TorT with our neighbor downtown and then Mike took her out in our neighborhood, and yes Leslie we got picutres, someday I'll even post them!

jennihaywood said...

AGAIN......!!!!!!! Do you remember when you locked your keys in your car at my house???? Good times. Not really but it was fun having you hang out at my house for so long! Pictures please of the babe`!

lesliem said...

ummmm, you must have a lot of pictures you haven't posted because you keep saying you will and you don't! I don't read this to know about you, wasn't the idea to post pics of my niece so you could share with everyone? hmmmm. I want to file a complaint.

OK, and really I am just killing time before Swahili, but still!