Friday, May 4, 2007


I know that I need to be posting pictures from Isabel's first birthday, and I hopefully will this weekend but I had to share a wonderful day with you first. After the the three of us picked up a picture of Isabel we had taken today (her 1st birthday picture) we walked around the mall and ended up at Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite store). Knowing that we were paying things off I wasn't concerned with not really buying myself clothes for approx 2 years. However, Mike surprised me and told me that he has a secret savings put aside just for me to be able to buy myself clothes and treat myself instead of always buying for him and Isabel. Now this may not seem that cool to anyone else but I wanted to cry I was so thankful, and so surprised and grateful that I have a husband that puts his wants aside so I can do something that will make me feel more beautiful and more like a woman again! I love my husband!!!


lesliem said...

That is very sweet of Mike! I am not surprised, though. Sounds like something very lovely that he would do for you!

Southern Princess said...

Tracy, that is so wonderful. I know how you love to be able to purchase for Izzie & surprise Mike with things, and knowing your spirit you of course buy for them first. For him to realize that and to want to return the notion is so great. Tell him I love him even more for that gesture... and no I won't take you shopping and make you spend all of it (which I am sure he would think if I lived up there and could shop with you all the time :) ). that truly is a loving gesture. Good for Mike.