Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going, going gone

There are some people who come into your life for various reasons, why they don't always stay is a mystery to me. When you have friends that you just love and that are there for many reasons and aid you though difficult times, who may not agree with your choices and who you may have disagreements with, it's hard to see them go. The funny thing about this is they do often actually "go" anywhere. You both stay where you are living around each other casually intersecting at times but seeming as strangers when you do. I'm not sure why it bothers me so but it's saddens me to know that these friendships will never be rekindled.

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Southern Princess said...

Hey Girl, I know your sentiments on this topic and it drives me nuts too!I have friends who live so close who I have spent so much time with and had great relationships with, then all of a sudden they are gone - the relationship fizzled out for no apparent reason. They are gone in so many ways, physically should be understandable, but then again no it shouldn't. As with me & you who get to see one another so sparingly, talk so sparingly and rely on a computer signal, I still love you just as much, feel just as comfortable & connected as ever, you are my other sister. Though I have friends who have physically moved and the relationship should stay as strong as ours, it seems they are willing to just let it drop, let it fizzle out. WHY? where did the disconnection occur so strongly that they feel it is not worth a phone call or email or card? It hurts in a way unlike any breakup... I hope whomever you have lost they realize who THEY lost, one of the most unbelievable women & friends they ever encountered in their life.