Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally the Celebrations!

So here are some WAY overdue picutres of Isabel at her two birthday celebrations. The first are pictures from when we were with Mike's family. Isabel was SO hyper after her first bit of sugar...she was adorable though after she finally figured out what the piece of cake was and that she could eat it, she wanted to feed me some so she reached out to put it in my mouth! After she was cleaned up she crawled around all over the living room playing with everyone.
The second set of pictures are from my parents house in Seattle where we went for the weekend. We had so much fun! Although she did get sick and slept. I being the overly kind mother stripped her down and put her on the granite bar which was cold and the poor thing started shivering. So Niki and I ran her upstairs, thru her in the bath and then tucked her in for a four hour nap. Needless to say she missed her party but I enjoyed it rather well! Oh! As a shout out to my sister, Leslie and I made cakes for her, mine was a ladybug and Leslie's was a sun complete with sticks dipped in Chocolate and covered with yellow frosting! Hurray for Auntie's!


Southern Princess said...

Tracy she is so adorable! And getting so big!! I LOVE the princess crown & dress. Poor thing shivering on the cold granite... but I guess she milked it since she got to take a nice nap & just relax!!! I miss you so much! I cannot wait to see you sometime!! Good job on the cakes - though you needed to post some pics of them! :) I am so glad you got to go to Seattle. I know your family was ecstatic. Be Sweet. LOVE YOU!!!!

Southern Princess said...

lol thanks for the comment on visitations.. I am so random. I went from visitations to seriously deep self-philosphy! crazy I know. I love that you do the miniatures thing now! I was in Wally-world the other day and discovered a whole new array of items. I was ecstatic. From mini toilet paper rolls, to paper towels, to sink Tide packets, to shout wipes, face cleansers, deo, it was awesome!!!! LOVE YA!!