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Sunday, February 19, 2012

the joys of mother/wife-hood

I love what I do. And what I do is try and keep a happy husband and raise some cute kids. However, I must say, today I am not loving my job as much. There has been more vomit and poop today then I have dealt with in a while. Isabel woke up with a weird 12 hr flu. She threw up 8 times from 7:30-11:30. Then she was all done. Mike started throwing up about that point. Stella was doing ok then just threw up on me at 8pm tonight and had some awesome exploding diapers. So here is to hoping that by tomorrow all of this funk will leave my home and we can get back to normal.
To add to all of the excitement around here. My Dad flew into town for a quick visit. He flew in Saturday night and will leave tomorrow (MOnday) at 1. He has yet to lay eyes on Isabel or Mike. Stella still loves him though. So here is to a lot of prayer and hope and everything crossed that I will not be sick and that Dad can see Isabel for a few hours in the morning before he flies out. :)

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Sara said...

Oh I hate that for you. I hope it all passes quickly for you and that you don't get it too.