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Monday, February 27, 2012

Big, Bigger and.... STOP!

I have two awesome girls. I have two girls who I adore and love all of these phases they are in. (ok, maybe I don't ALWAYS love Stella's stubborn streak....). Isabel loves being measured so the other day she wanted to see how much she had grown. Much to her dismay she had only grown about 1/4 of an inch. She is now up to my armpit. Yes, she is 5. So then she wanted Stella measured... we measured Stella 1/1/2012 then again on 2/20/2012.. in that time, my baby grew 2.5 inches. Yes 2.5 INCHES in 50 days. Insane. Couple that with the extra 5 teeth, yep, it's been an entertaining two months. And that is why her shirts are not fitting her, her cute little belly shows all the time now. She is built like me, so her pants are still too long. Go figure.

The other great thing Isabel has started doing it making her own breakfast. She loves to make her own eggs in the morning. She really does it all by herself. I do watch over to make sure she doesn't burn herself or get egg shells in her food but the rest is all that tall 5 year old. The part that has made me more centimental then other times.. this morning she got up and made her own lunch too. I am so proud of my big girl, soon be young lady, but it was a tad sobering.

I love that I get to raise these girls and learn how to be a mom at the same time they are learning how to be people. Learning together has its pains, but I wouldn't have this fun crazy life any other way!


lesliem said...

awwww. I can just see Isabel being very proud of herself while she makes her food. We've got some tall genes in our family, too, they just didn't make it down to mom, but g'pa juicy and Barbie are pretty tall. Combined with Mike, well, you're likely to be the shorty.

Bethany said...

Wow, and to think she was once a preemie!
I needed the reminder that I am learning to be a mom while my kids are learning to be people . . . so profound! Patience is what I need!