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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Holy February

I can not believe that 1. it's already Feb. and 2. that I have worn capris the last three days. It's been 60 and higher all this week. I just have a hard time believing Puxatawny Phil. This isn't really an overly exciting post for most. I just can't seem to write in my journal all the funny things Stella has been doing lately so I'm going to do it here...that way my sister can read it also.
(ok.. this one is Isabel but it was pretty funny)
when asking about her vitamins she wanted to know if Costco made her dinosaur ones.. yes they do.. "well do they still make the cave man ones?" What cave man ones? "you know, the ones with the man in the cave". Me: Oh! you mean the flintstone ones!

- Dances.. or just turns randomly.. around in circles to the left until she gets tired or too dizzy.
- tries to jump while playing peek a boo off the bed.
- signs please with both hands rubbing her belly when she sees smokoes
- tries to blow raspberries on cheeks and hands
- points to everything she wants and says mama... apparently that means she thinks momma will get it for her
- goes insane for peanut butter. squeals, begs, whines
- likes peanut butter on anything
- if she is trying to play in the bathroom, I have to call for her and keep eye contact with her until she gets to me (like in runaway bride), otherwise the second I lose contact, she is turning right back towards it.
- she likes to claw faces.. and leave marks
- loves to walk around with one shoe on. She will bring a shoe to me and beg and beg until I put just one said shoe on.
- scrunches up her face and nose and then squeals in laughter when playing any game with her.

I think that's about it for now. I feel like I am missing one or two but I'll add them later. So that's Stella my 24lb baby that feels like she's 30lb.

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