Friday, May 27, 2011

On the road again.. and again, and again.

(warning! LOTS OF PICS!)
St Charles, MO-Destin, FL
So here it is... a month later and I still a haven't posted a real update. So I'm bypassing Easter, birthdays, graduations and anything else I missed and starting with our awesome road trip (which we're still on.. typing while Mike is driving).
For Izzy's birthday (or that's what we tell ourselves) we headed to Orlando. But wait, let me back up (beep, beep, beep). My youngest cousin got married in Destin on May 22nd. I love Will and he and Sara make such a wonderful couple. Sara also spent many-a conversation with Isabel, so I really, really like her even more. We embarked on our trip May 16th and drove to Tuscaloosa to spend the night at the Barr B&B as usual. We were able to drop off many donations, from friends in St Louis, comprising of mainly kids clothes but some adults also. Then we headed to the B&B. Our normal room was occupied upon arrival by a new tenant, but all was well. The accommodations were still perfect. After a great dinner and lovely conversation we headed to bed and woke up nice and early to get in the car and drive to Destin. My Aunt rented a house for all 16 or so of us to stay in. This house was So beautiful, travertine floors throughout, vessel sinks in every bath room (functionality is lost but design impact is there), slate tiled shower, HUGE....huge.. 105" the downstairs one was a mere 80" That was two of the 5 huge ones in the house. 4 floors... right on the beach... (wait I think I have pics on the computer... hold on... not the ones I wanted but there now you can see it)

We took a tour of the house, camped our stuff in the bedroom with 4 bunk beds and a crib. Izzy loved the bunk beds. The 'ladies' headed out for a dinner while the men (and kids) ate some awesome seafood made by my Uncle. Mike loved it. Then we we were all back at the house we had a birthday party for Isabel. I would just like to give a shout out to my whole family.. they easily doubled the wardrobe of both my girls, along with beach toys for Isabel, coloring/word books, a cool t-shirt with disney stuff to color and so much more. Our trunk was STUFFED again. We are so blessed. (then when Leslie and Jacob got there there was even more stuff!)

Wednesday, needless to say, there was a lot of playing on the beaches. Not sure where my brain went, Wednesday we went outside and I lathered up everyone with sunscreen.. everyone but myself so I did not get to enjoy the water or sun much. I did get out to the beach but just stayed covered. Izzy LOVED the beach and water. Stella also had a blast feeling the water and sand. She was just cute!
My other cousin Alex had her 1st baby 5 days before Stella so the kids got some baby bonding time. Mike and I did some shopping with my mom. (Mike scored a $700 suit for $150 it's awesome!) {random pic of my mom... yeah a RARE find. eyes open AND a smile}

Friday morning Mom and I went to the airport to pic up Leslie, Jacob and Dad. It was full of, well an interesting trip. We laughed a lot, got lost, and had some great family time. We had many, many gatherings at this wedding, 4 parties plus the wedding ( we missed one because of the airport trip). Lots and lots of good food, normal family chaos, Leslie and I had a great walk and girl time. Much needed. The wedding was great {note: I sat on the wrong side again, I do not like myself photographed from my right side}. After the reception Mike and I took the girls on a family date. Let me brag for a minute. My girls are amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing they were the whole travel time (and still are), in the car, at the house, everything. I am such a proud momma.

Sunday morning brought the end of the Destin trip, we drove to Pensecola to take Leslie and Jacob to the airport, spent the night and then got up early so drive off to Orlando!


lesliem said...

Whew! I'm exhausted!
Nice pics, though I am most impressed with the one of mom. That should be framed. And there is a pic of me in the waves with Mike and Isabel. My head is just being overtaken by a wave. As I'm waving. hee-hee.

It was a blast for sure. You'll have to send me a bunch of the other pics when you get back.

Crystal Hunter said...

I love the picture of you and Izzy at the beach. Very cute. Glad you're having fun!

Chez Nous said...

Stella is getting so big. Nice to see I'm not the only one with bald babies!