Sunday, May 29, 2011


warning.... more pictures again.
Orlando segment

Monday we drove to Orlando and reached our hotel. Isabel was SO excited when she finally figured out where we were. We hung out at the pool that night and watched Oliver and Company on the big screen poolside. Tuesday we woke up nice and early and went to Magic Kingdom. Mary Poppins was the first we saw to take pics with and we played in Fantasyland for a while. We met Rapunzel, Flynn, Mary Poppins, Tiana, Prince Naveen and of course Mickey and Minnie. Isabel has a crush on Flynn and we have a great picture of him doing the smolder. That little girl had so much fun!! Stella about melted but thankfully we avoided heat stroke. We at some amazing food for dinner at the Liberty Tavern. Isabel and Mike went on Buzz light year and Izzy kicked Mike booty at the game. :) We conquered Izzy's fear of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and now she wants to be a pirate. I really have the best girls.. (have I mentioned that already?) 13 hrs at Magic Kingdom and no crying, no whining, no "my feet hurt" it was magical. We took the bus back, and the girls fell asleep. A couple of quick showers later and we were all in bed ready for the next adventure.

Wednesday brought on Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney. We go to Hollywood Studios and honestly I wasn't expecting much... man it was great. The interactive Disney channel show (Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Club, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Pirates) so great, Little Mermaid show was fun, albeit a tad scary. Ursula was HUGE! Isabel was curled up trying to not cry in her seat. The Monsters Inc show was hilarious as well. It really was a great venue for kids. We ended our trip there with the Toy Story arcade game ride. Again.. that was so fun.

Downtown Disney was fun. We took a but to the Saratoga Springs hotel and took the water taxi over. We walked around and waited for our dinner at Wolfgang Puck. There is a water fountain over by Planet Hollywood and Isabel made a friend so we watched her play and run around for 45 minutes. Dinner was fantastic, although we were still full from lunch. My salmon so amazing as well as my key lime pie, oh my goodness!!! We barely made it home... bus never wanted to get there and when we did.. we tossed everyone in the showers again and tossed them in bed. Poor Stella was not doing so great after lack of proper naps and getting so hot. At least Tuesday we were in air conditioning most of the day. One more day to go.

Thursday we were all so tired getting up but had to be up early for Isabel's princess breakfast at Epcot. We were running late due to a wrong turn and ran so fast inside. Thankfully all was well. She had a blast getting to do the princess parade with Cinderella the 1st time and Aura the 2nd. Since we were celebrating her birthday she got a card signed by all the princesses (and Mary Poppins). She was totally smitten. We did a bunch of rides, walked around the aquarium at the Nemo ride ( I love the picture in front of the 'mineminemine' birds) and enjoyed watching sea turtles, dolphins and a manatee. We walked around to a few countries but we were all exhausted by this point. We did hit the reset button when we picked up some frozen lemonade and stopped by the french bakery and ate some yummy, yummy food. We ended the day about 3 o'clock with a ride on the monorail. And yes, we're already planning our next family vacation there! Next time I think we'll definitely plan a day or two of rest and not try and do three days in a row. But it was a GREAT trip!


lesliem said...

Good to see Isabel can still fit in her old stroller. Sounds like a whirlwind and that you all had a lot of fun! I'm bummed once again that I could go with you. Next year: my graduation and Disneyland!

Cheyenne said...

I love all the pictures. How do those characters not melt in the summertime? Cartoon princesses must not sweat. I didn't realize you got to see Leslie and her hubby! That's so cool that all your family was together like that!

Bullock said...

Wow girl, that looks like a fun trip! I have yet to brave Disney with my kids, some day though. Your girls are gorgeous, wish I could meet them some time soon:) You look like such a happy mom in all the pictures.