Thursday, April 28, 2011


Seeing pictures and videos of the huge tornado that hit Tusacaloosa and Birmingham is surreal. It's crazy to look at pictures and know what part of town you're looking at, but no landmarks are there. Krispy Kreme, gone, taxi fads gone, a house I spent many hours in my freshman year, gone. I am so grateful that all of my friends and loved ones are so far accounted for and safe. One friend had a tornado just a couple streets over from her, way too close for comfort. I miss everyone down there and I really want to come down and do something. We'll he there in 2.5 weeks and I can't imagine how different it will be. My heart, my prayers and most every thought today is going out to the people of Tuscaloosa. May Heavenly Father keep His merciful hand over you and keep protecting you.


lesliem said...

It is always surreal to see things like that in a place that means so much to you. Emotional, too. You'll feel better when you get to go see people and places you knew. It'll be sad, but you'll feel like you can handle it better by seeing it first hand.
The only place I remember was the Krispy Kreme that you pointed out several times when I came to visit but somehow managed to not let you take me to.

Bullock said...

My sister lives in Opelika and they were luckily spared as well. How sad for all those people down there. Let us know how your visit goes, I hope they're all able to re-build and start over after such devastation.
Count our blessings daily!