Monday, November 1, 2010

Lest we get the wrong idea

Izzy's new dress

I love being pregnant. The tiredness has passed.. I was just from finally being able to move again. My chiropractor is fixing my back and reminding me to ice so I can decrease all the inflammation in my SI joint so that's feeling better. I've been having fun starting on some projects I've wanted to do, ie burp cloths, tent blanket for car seat and possibly starting on the high chair cover although that one might wait a bit. This morning I got Isabel's room all clean including the closet floor which had become a dumping ground. We are finally ready to start moving things around to get the baby's room ready and I had to get Izzy's room clean to move out the dresser. Mike is going to get some help this weekend and move the dinning room table in the basement (we only use it 3-4 times a year) and in it's place we are putting my desk and a player piano we are the foster home for, for the next couple years until it's owner graduates from BYU, move the tall dresser that houses my scrapbook stuff in there also. Then we can get Isabel's dresser out and put it in the baby room.

I'm excited for all THAT to be done so I can get Isabel's closet in order. She needs a new shelf so she can help put her clothes away and some shelves on her wall do make up for losing dresser space. Who knows when the painting will get done in baby's room but the smart bet will be whenever my mom comes into town. :) So.. it's fun to finally start getting ready like normal people.

So this had been so much fun. Apparently there have been times it seems like I'm complaining about it but if it sounds that way it's only because I don't handle change well (surprise, surprise) and honestly... who really thought I'd still be pregnant. So it's adjusting to that change that is hard for me, although I'm grateful for it every day.

So just to hold people over.. her us a pic of me being more and more huge everyday! yea...I'm finally able to get big!

(pardon the super tired look... I had no makeup on)


Crystal and Billy said...

Sweet pics, lady! Izzy's dress is cute.

Jeni said...

What a cute preggo belly! Love it!

Ashley said...

Love the belly! I loved showing when I was pregnant. Hope all continues to go well.

socks100 said...

Cute pics and I love the dress! Wish we lived closer so I could come help you redecorate!

Chez Nous said...

In all honesty Tracy, you look great. Complain all you're pregnant after all and every single one of us did/does/will do the same thing. I'm glad the tiredness has passed. That always means I'm having a baby that week!

Chez Nous said...

My comment made me go look on FB for updates...and I see baby Stella was born earlier today. Congrats!!!