Sunday, November 21, 2010

another week

This has been a wonderful week. I've gotten to hold my baby lots and lots (yes I know the grammar in that sentence was awful). We had a couple of rough nights.. but over all I'm pretty lucky. I have learned that she burps MUCH better for Mike than for me. My mom was in town this week. It was so great having her here. We didn't do much besides sew.... and sew and sew. That was punctuated by a few trips to JoAnn's, one to Costco (where Isabel conned my mom into buying goldfish and fruit snacks) and Target where the girls were loaded up with clothes from Grandma. I need to take pictures of the projects we did but I have to finish my two first. I have just a few details left and I really, really want to get them done. So here is our list of projects..
ponchos for each girl
dust ruffle for Stella's bed set
Car Seat cover (I messed up a bit so fixing it soon!)
Diaper bag (looks awesome!!! I just bought the wrong snaps for it, so it will be done this week)
curtains hemmed for Stella's room
and something else I"m forgetting.

Note the car seat and diaper bag were my only two projects... Grandma had the rest and got hers all completed! She also did the binding on a quilt for my cousin this week. I was tired! My aunt came in town also to stay for a day, she also brought more clothes for Isabel, and she knitted hats for the girls. One I really want in my size... but Isabel and Stella have matching hats. SO cute! I have a picture up on FB and will add that to the list of items to post this week.

The one thing I'm tired of is the hormones. I have been snapping at everything like crazy. Silly things are setting me off and the fact that someone is trying to be nice is forgotten... I instantly start raging. yeah.. that needs to stop. I guess it's better then being depressed except that my raging affects my poor husband as he has to deal with the windfall of it all. Hopefully just another couple weeks and I'll be back on track with some normalcy.

I'm excited for this holiday season. I have so much to be thankful for this year. I'm excited for the magic and peaceful feeling that comes with this part of the year. Our tree is definitely ready to be assembled and decorated. My sister is coming again for her annual trip in December. Again.. so excited for her to come. My mom called today (she left yesterday morning) and following up with a conversation we had... Stella looks more like Leslie than anyone else at this point. Hopefully we'll have some baby pics to compare too when she comes.

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Cheyenne said...

Give it a couple more weeks and your hormones should settle down nicely. You'll also have a really solid routine and that will help, too. Remember, anything you can't get done you can pawn off on me! :)