Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothing much to say

Again, I have had nar an exciting or interesting moment to write about. I took Pics of Mike and Isabel eating cookie dough just to post new pictures but I'm a bit to lazy to want to do right now. However, today Isabel finally went poo on the toilet. It only took 25 minutes of talking, reading scriptures, painting toenails, and 'practicing' bearing down with her to get her to do it. She wanted her dad and no sooner did I step out of the bathroom did she go. Here's to hoping for tomorrow!
That's about it. I'll eventually post those pics. Hopefully tomorrow will lead to more exciting posts.


E said...

Issy went poo "on" the toilet, or in? ;-)
See you tomorrow!

lesliem said...

I hope you save this blog to Isabel. can read this when she's 16. I'm sure when the military developed the precursor to the Internet in the 1960's, they could never imagine all the uses it could have... like updating people on whether or not a child does her business.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

I think that's hilarious that you practiced! Looks like it paid off, though! Did you have to warm up first?

Lacey said...

Yeah Izzy! When you say you'll take pictures tomorrow, I hope it isn't of her toilet achievement ;). We need to get together sometime!