Saturday, February 7, 2009

Morning prayer

Isabel was saying morning prayer with help and it went something like this.

towards the end of the prayer

me: please bless this food

Izzy: pwese bwess this food

me: that it will

Izzy that it will

me: strengthen and nourish our bodies

Izzy: stwengthen and nourish our bodies

me: please bless

Izzy: pwese bwess

me: President Monson (our prophet for those who don't know who he is)

Izzy: Pwesident Monster

needless to say we had to end the prayer after that, Mike and I were laughing so hard.


Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

So funny! You'll be lucky if you ever say his name right again. I still say Cindy Ringdom instead of Sydney Rigdon thanks to Savanna and morning scripture study.

Southern Princess said...

lol! i love it!! HOW PRECIOUS! Oh I miss y'all! I am still climbing back in the loop these days :)

Kristin Tice said...

How cute!!! That is pretty funny. We aren't close to sharing any stories like that yet. Sometimes we get Josh to fold his arms and sometimes he manages something that slightly resembles "amen" at the end. You would thinks something you do like four or five times a day would stick after 1 1/2 years!!!!

. said...

That's adorable, thanks for sharing!