Friday, May 11, 2012

"Baby" girl is 6!

Man, I can't believe that not only is Isabel 6, but that we are finishing up her 1st year of school!!  We tried to make her birthday extra special for her this year.  She woke up to a breakfast she has been wanting forever, sausage and biscuits, yes they were awesome.  She got to pick out her favorite food for lunch (although I suddenly have no idea what she picked).  Daddy went and delivered flowers to her after he dropped her off at school and then Mike and I went back up there for afternoon snack time to take ice cream to her class.   Then we brought her home early and she was able to take pictures with Daddy and her flowers.  
I love these two!

my big girl
For dinner that night we headed over to our friends house.  The husband is a chef.  Yep, we are that lucky.  :)  Isabel wanted pizza for dinner, so the kids had that and the adults enjoyed yummy chicken, pork and salmon along with rice and asparagus.  Then my awesome big girl.. she wanted crepes for dessert, no birthday cake, but Nick's awesome crepes...with nutella...and ice cream... and whipped cream.  The her and her friend played for a while AND.....  we got Stella in pig tails!  I'd say a successful birthday.  
seriously.. how good do these look?

opps, not the best picture but she just wanted to eat and was tired of me taking pictures.

yes.. super cute. (and looks a tad like Shrek we decided)



lesliem said...

Shrek indeed.
Sounds like she had a fantastic birthday! Lots of sugar and yummy food. She's just getting so big! And can she look any more like Mike?

Rachael M. said...

LOL - I remember struggling to get Lilah's hair in pigtails.

Happy birthday to your big girl!

nowellmama said...

oh the small monuments in a kids life like pigtails. just wait not too long til the potty dance!