Thursday, October 13, 2011

one of those days

You know when you have those days where the powers that be are conspiring against you? yep, that's me. Yesterday went pretty well, sewing class was great, I went and babysat for a friend, that was fun but poor Stella never got a nap. So we get home at 3:30 I put Stella down for nap, got Isabel from the bus... and live as we know it was over. Stella was CRANKY (of course I did feel bad that her sleeping was off) and the rest of the night was more cranky, no making her happy, whining, whining and more whining. In the middle of all this I was trying to get my FBI background check info so I could be a chaperone for Izzy's field trip today. (oh and Isabel is the best daughter, I love her!) My work requested me to have it done, but the school also requires it to be with the kids. So I thought 'great I'll knock it out and it will count for both'. So 2.5 weeks ago I went and had it done. Now it turns out that even though it was categorized the same for both, done thru the DESE (dept of Edu) Isabel's school doesn't have access to it. I just don't understand. Isabel was CRUSHED when I told her I probably won't be able to go. I could find no way to log in to check it, no one could help me, my boss was calling to get it done also and to no avail.

Finally we go to bed, it took Izzy 2 hours to fall asleep, Stella was crazy so I went to bed in tears. (my apartment is also a MESS so that wasn't helping) Fast forward to 6:00am. Stella wakes up screaming bloody murder I get her calmed down and for the next 15 min it was like she had turrets, randomly crying or screaming out in her sleep. So all this has left me with an awesome day I'm having trouble shaking. I apologized to Isabel for not being there for her fieldtrip, she understood but said it would be so much more fun if I was there. So Isabel loves me, Stella is driving me nuts (I'm so grateful for cute kids that I can't stay mad at... Stella grins and melts my icy mood). However she did just fall asleep....

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Chez Nous said...

I hope your day drastically improved. It's those days that remind you that you have no control. Problem is...I'm a control freak. Hugs.