Monday, October 17, 2011


I know that you shouldn't have favorite children. I mean heck I only have two living with me but at times I love them both (ok...all the time) and sometimes... well you know. But for the last few weeks this cute face (I wish I had another recent picture of her doing this)

She is awesome! School has been so good for her, it's helping her focus her energy, follow directions better, she is so helpful at home. Isabel loves playing her with little sister... you know this one..

Now of course I love this little girl, she is super cute and squeals all the time. But.... well but. Yesterday we were all desperately trying to take a nap, I have been working so much that I needed sometime to sleep and lay around with my family. Since Stella decided to sleep during church she took it upon herself to try and keep us all awake, squealing with some sort of delight, crying when we tried to ignore her, climbing all over us with her booty in our face. I tried telling her that I would love her more if she just gave me 30 min...honest to goodness, she laughed at me.

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