Thursday, December 9, 2010


This past Sunday we blessed Stella. It was a wonderful day. My aunt Barbie made her blessing dress, bonnett, and booties. She looked beautiful!
We were fortunate to have many friends and family there to help us. (for posterities sake I will list them here, Daddy, G'pa Eric, G. G'pa Arden, Uncle Jamo, G. Uncle Barry and Scott, Bishop Fred, Pres Mackey (stake Presidency), Jake Ericson, Billy Hunter, Ryan Lenahan, Dana Farnsworth) Unfortunatley.. we were not able to get all 12 guys in the pictures. Jamo, Billy and Ryan had to leave, and Bisho... well he's a Bishop and I couldn't catch him after Sacrament meeting.

In an effort to not be out done with attention... Isabel was CRAZY at church all day. At one point she left Sacrament meeting, presumably to go to the bathroom, and I found out after church she left to run around the (hardwood floored) gym in her mini heeled shoes. Yeah... she was THAT kid.

I learned a few things that day mainly that I should never stand on the right side of MIke for pictures... my right side is not my pretty side. :)
So here is our wonderful Stella.


lesliem said...

you are an athletic trainer, obsessing about your four year old child sitting on her knees and you put her in high-heeled shoes? oh the things we do for fashion. Is it the thing to only take the pic with all the men? no lady-pics? And that baby looks like she belongs in the 18th century. Very cute. I think the way you spell her name would sound weird. If you want to yell it, spell it: Steellaaaaa! And that ends my random commentary.

Cheyenne said...

Funny, Leslie! I thought the same thing about her shoes. I can't help but think of Marlon Brando every time I hear or read your child's name. The post title didn't do anything to break me of that. Looks like it was a great day!

Cheyenne said...

Oh, and two Sundays ago, Olivia escaped Aubrey during sacrament meeting and climbed up on the organ to play a little duet with me. She's that kind of child too. :)

Sheryl said...

Congrats on the blessing day, wish I could have been there:). Maybe some day I'll actually get to see you again!!