Wednesday, December 1, 2010

more news!!

Ok, not really but I just wanted to get your attention so you would read my blog. :)
Stella is sleeping pretty well...or was until last night ( hoping that is just a blip on the radar). I learned that if I don't stay totally hydrated Stells doesn't get to eat. We took her to church for the 1st time on Sunday, she was awesome. I always said that I wouldn't take my kids before 4-5 weeks, but I woke up that morning and just felt like I needed to be there and that we should go as a family. It was so nice to go again! Other then two weeks in October, I had not been at church since around the 24th of July. I did get to be ( as one friend put it) a momma bear making sure no one touched her. Mike was just as vigilant if not more so. He's such a great daddy!

Isabel loves being a big sister and is getting better at holding her ( and picking her up unauthorized!), and has started keeping her entertained for me if I need to finish up a task before feeding Stells.
All in all, life s great!!

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lesliem said...

you know, by the time we've gotten here, we already want to read your blog. You don't have to tease us like that. sheesh. I was all excited. Well, I was still excited to see more pics, but still. :)