Friday, March 12, 2010


I can log in again! I haven't been able to for some unknown reason.. you'd think I forgot to pay a bill. So on to more exciting news. My dad came into town last weekend and stayed for 48 hrs. I love it when he comes. He fixed my car, played and played and played with Isabel. Caught Isabel doing her 1st self accomplished booty shake to music and her 1st somersault, who knew the song on the closing credit of Night at the Museum was so exciting. Sat. we headed to a parade, the Moolah Shriner's Circus was in town and Isabel LOVED all the "Izzy sized" stuff (read small like her), We tossed her up in the air.. and up and up and threw her on to couches and beds. She loved it. In keeping up with the McLees family tradition we headed to Costco, twice, and Izzy got to eat her hotdog with her G'pa. Of course I don't have my camera so if I took any pictures I'll get them up. My dad got all the cute ones. So I can finally get back on line and stay up to date. We are still working hard to raise money for March of Dimes. My banners don't work well but we have over $250 already and I'd love to have everyone donate $5 who reads this. I'm off to get some work done and maybe get my Etsy store up and running.......


Southern Princess said...

Hey Gorgeous! So glad to hear your dad came into town for a quick visit. What a fun time he must have had with Izzy! Just thinking about her always makes me smile.
Get that store up! I am ready to buy a few things ;o)

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jennihaywood said...

HEY I MISS YOU!!! CALL ME: 801-7199340