Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is here!

I'm so excited that spring is finally here!!! This week just might be up to 80 degrees and I can't wait. Tomorrow is our Easter playgroup hosted by yours truly... which means nothing other then I delegated stuff out... Easter egg hunt... bunny and egg shaped cookies for decorating....candy... and playground! Hopefully it turns out well. Isabel is super excited to see her friends.
I hope everyone had a chance to stop by Courtney's blog for her contest... It ends tonight! *fingerscrossed-ihopeiwin*
My sister is leaving in 23 days to go to Africa for 9 months to do her research for her dissertation, we are going to miss her but are SO HAPPY for her to be heading over to Dar es Salam in Tanzania (Leslie I hope I spelled all the right!)

Everyone please don't forget to donate to our March of Dimes team, even $1 will help!

Oh and I signed up as a volunteer for the NICU Parents group at the hospital. I can't wait to get started. It's a group that helps to support current parents of NICU kids and provide moral support that the nurses and MD's just can't provide. And if I ever have to have another baby in that situation.... the new center private room pods are AMAZING!!! each baby get private room (multiples are all together in bigger room) the rooms are about the size of a normal bedroom, with at least one couch and chair, breastpump, computer (for nurses), privacy screen and sliding double glass doors. Hello Taj Mahal. The hospital is building a new wing for the NICU and we'll be one of the top 3 in size in the whole country. They are having a Ronald McDonald type facility on the 2nd floor for only NICU families, showers, washer and dryers, computers, kitchen, meditation room etc. (as well as a large Ronald McDonald house on campus for everyone else to use)
I just have to go thru the hospital orientation and get a TB test and I'm in!!! That's the big exciting news at our house.

Sorry the post is a bit boring, no good stories about Isabel eating cat food....:)
She is entered in a contest so if you have a second want to look at the pictures I have to choose from .

Don't forget to donate!!!


Amanda said...

Love the pictuers of Izzy! I especially loved the ones of her sitting on your front step. What a cutie!

Ashley said...

CUTE pictures. What contest is she entered in?

lesliem said...

That would be Dar es Salaam: place of peace (it's a bit Arabic, reflecting some history and all).

You do lead an exciting life indeed. It's great you're having fun and good luck picking a pic! Oh! I forgot to make Jacob go through all 128 of them with me. I better go do that. He loves it when I sit him down to fawn over every picture of my niece!

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Yeah...so exciting. You definitely live a charmed life. ;) I'm glad you're a volunteer. If I had a baby in the NICU, I'd definitley want someone like you to provide moral support. Even if you weren't one of my best friends and all...