Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have nothing else to write about so I'll posts Izzy's comment the last few days..

1. While playing on the floor in my room she looked at me on the computer and said "momma that's not appropriate"
2. When calling her dad to tell her about comment #1 she said.. or rather scolded "momma don't bother that man"
3. Upon entering Nursery on Sunday as we were trying to leave for Katie's graduation, she states to everyone in the room "we have a situation" (think she was trying to say we're going to a graduation but didn't quite get it out right"
4. After leaving the graduation and getting caught in traffic we were next to a flashing expired parking meter and she says "oh no! I'm gonna get a ticket!" (I have NO idea how she knew that one.)

So that's it... Oh and she has FINALLY stopped asking Heavenly Father to bless her booty during prayer, she now says the corrected term of body... little victories, it's all about the little victories.


Southern Princess said...

OH HOW I MISS YOU!!! LET ME COUNT THE WAYS... actually the list of Izzyisms sums it up. I love you girl! Give that little smarty pants a kiss for me..

Tara L. said...

So cute! She would be great friends with Lindsay.

lesliem said...

If you weren't Mormon, the first question I would ask is 'what were you doing on the computer?'
And what do you mean she finally stopped saying booty? That's a victory? Oh well, we can use that on her when she's sixteen in front of her friends.
It also sounds like she's taking the bossy role. Believe me, as an older sister, I would know.

Annette Larsen said...

I love it. Especially telling you to not bother that man. Awesome.

Mandy Coffey said...

Hahahaha how cute!!!! I love it. She's too cute.