Saturday, May 2, 2009


My baby turned 3 yesterday! (and now has decided to watch Aladdin naked in the living room while I'm typing this). Yesterday was awesome, other then the weather being a bit cold and windy. This is how we started the day.

We caught her off guard while watching her show and sang happy birthday to her.

Then we went on to the gifts...

and notice the giant pile of clothes in the background... Grandmas are the best!

After this we had a little birthday party with kids playing pin the tail on the donkey (props to my husband for making a fabulous donkey last minute)

We played outside with bubbles, ate cupcakes and then she wanted to watch Madagascar, her favorite movie right now. Then nap time. During her nap time I realized that the email about her party totally missed her one of her little friends that lives right by us. I felt AWFUL that I left them out so we stopped by their house and gave them some cupcakes. Maddy had a couple of presents for her, she's so excited about the Madagascar coloring book. We did bubbles at Maddy's house came home had dinner then more cupcakes. So these last picture are of her waiting to blow out the candles while we're singing again, blowing them out and then the best part.... licking the candles.

After we did all this Isabel was talking to her aunt Leslie off and on, carrying on a wonderful conversation.... then suddenly you hear Isabel say "ok, ok ,ok bye Auntie Weswy". It was hilarious!!

And to end the day... Mommy and Daddy with their birthday girl!

I'm so thankful to have such and awesome little girl to raise. I was watching her run down the hallway yesterday in her new jeans (all of us girl would kill for jeans that fit us like that!) and shirt and I can' believe how lucky and am and just how much of a big girl she is. This child brings so much joy to our family and Mike and I are so overjoyed that we get to raise her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY!!!


Amy said...

I LOVE the dress up clothes. DARLING!! Looks like she had a blast. You all are such a sweet family! Love you guys!

Annette Larsen said...

Happy Birthday! I love the picture of her licking the candle. She looks like she is in heaven with it.

Southern Princess said...

Such a fun birthday! She is so beautiful Tracy! I cannot believe she is 3. LOVE the princess dresses!

lesliem said...

I was thinking that G'ma Britt and Aunt Barbie are going over the top with the princess dresses... but then I remembered the highlight of my day yesterday (and indeed maybe the whole month) was talking to Isabel and ensuring her that she can wear a dress like mine and get married with me. She was so excited and screamy when I told her she could!!! Jacob could hear her across the room. I love that she has no idea what it is. At least we know she'll be happy to be in the ceremony... and we'll be the only ones in red dresses, so she'll believe it even more then!

And thanks for gettin' those pics posted so quickly. I am quite impressed.

E said...

Happy B-lated birthday Izzy!

The pics are so cute!

Barbara said...

Hi Tracy, Izzy and Mike,

The princess dresses may be over the top but that's what being little is all about! Plenty of time for reality later. Hope the story books are enjoyed. You have no idea how man times you can read the Saggy Baggy Elephant in a lifetime. Love you all.

Aunt Barbie

Bethany said...

Happy B-day Izzy! I can't believe her curls!

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Happy Birthday! I love the dress up clothes! And the cupcakes looked like a lot of fun to eat. Even Olivia would kill for jeans that fit...hers usually fall down around her ankles.

Haily Brian said...

What a fun birthday. Thanks for inviting us we had so much fun. Izzy and Kennedy can have the best dress-up party between both of their collections!