Friday, June 22, 2007

North Carolina

So I got back on Monday from a trip to NC. My cousin got married in the Appalacian Mtns. It was beautiful!!! However I hated that I had to take nausea medicine just to leave their house...the road was SO curvy. There was a lot of deep breathing on the drive. Alex, (the bride) just looked so beautiful...She's never seen herself look so wonderful and it hit her after her hair was done. We had a great time, except, well my fabulous child that never screams decided that she was going to have a hard time adjusting to all the people around and she didn't feel like going to bed at night until about midnight, then there was the lack of naps that she took so by the time Saturday morning rolled around I had had it with her and I tossed (not literally folks) her back into the crib she was sleeping in. I was so tired I was crying to my mom because I couldn't find my toothbrush. Then Isabel got sick that night because my sister and I didn't know that the windows were open and it dropped down to a cool 43 degrees. Oh yea, she didn't have pajamas on either...she was so hot when she fell asleep. Sunday night she finally slept after screaming for 30 min. Needless to say she's been sleeping for 13hrs a night and taking 2.5 hr long naps since we've been back. I'm just grateful to have my happy, smiling, talking, playful child back. I do love her so!
Aunt Leslie got a bunch of pictures ( from the wedding. I'll have to post them with my diploma this evening....
Now I have to say goodbye to a wonderful friend who has been there for me and can put a perspective on things that I don't always see. She's cultivated a love for scrapbooking (the cool kind not the cheesy stuff) and taught me how and donated supplies to the cause. Her kids are my favorite babysitters and truly the best kids overall in our ward at church. My family is going to miss them so much!!! It's a good move for their family...I just hate being parted from all my great friends....first Bama and now St Charles. Thank goodness for the power of email and blogs!

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