Monday, October 7, 2013

Life and... well life

I am trying to get back into this whole blogger thingy.  I have been having a crazy busy but wonderful life!  ViSalus has been amazing for our family.  We have an extra huge chunk of  money we can live off of but MOST exciting is the 2nd car that will be entering in our family.  Mike and I BOTH earned our BMW's and we have one that is purchased  and are just waiting on it to get painted.

Mike's app and real estate business is plugging along and going well.
Isabel is back in dance and also in indoor soccer. She is loving all of her activities.  I still can't get this girl to ride her bike but eventually she will learn.  :)  Stella is going to be starting either dance or gymnastics in November, we just haven't decided which one yet.   And one day I'll get more pics up here.  I'll try and work on that tomorrow. Oh and I started playing indoor soccer also.

Ok, so that's it. My girls are crazy and I LOVE them so much.  Now I just need to get back on blogging more regularly.

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