Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The wild month part 1

Oh Goodness!! Where do I start. Isabel had her 2nd dance recital on the 1st of December. She did awesome. She was pretty upset that she didn't get any flowers... like major meltdown upset. I tried to explain that we were leaving the next day and she wouldn't get to enjoy the flowers but it took a while to sink in.
I was traveling with both girls that day out to Seattle. The girls did A.MA.ZING on the flight. Part of the reason we were heading out so soon (and Isabel missing 2 weeks of school) is because Leslie and I were throwing our parents a 40th Wedding anniversary party. I have to say that for all the things I remember my parents going thru as a child, they toughed it out. I am so grateful for two people who loved each other thru it all and are still together. Come to think of it, all of their closest friends are still married also. Leslie made some AWESOME food, as usual. All in all it was a very fun party. Leslie got to tell everyone (including Mom and Dad two days before) that she is expecting!!! I am so excited for her and Jacob.

We took Monday off and Tuesday the girls and I left to drive down to Eugene, OR to visit more with Leslie and Jacob. We toured The University of Oregon campus, Isabel and Leslie saw Santa Duck (the mascot dressed up as Santa), met Leslie's friends at school, played twister (a pregnant lady and me with Isabel spinning....)pretty entertaining and hung out. During this week Stella was teething so my calm, happy baby was anything but. Most memorable was the night she screamed for an a hour (35 min of which she wouldn't calm down enough to get medicine in her mouth), come to think of it... most nights were that way for the first 1.5-2 weeks.

We came back on Friday and then Daddy came to us on Saturday!

So I didn't have my camera during the first week of vacation so part 2 will be really picture intensive!

So the only picture I have from about this time is with Isabel's crown from burger king... she loved it.

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