Monday, April 19, 2010


So.... i know y'all are so tired of my excuses... but this one is good. Mike was downloading our pictures to his computer yesterday and of course we delete them off the memory card on the camera... well.... right after we did that his computer crashed briefly and all the pictures he had just uploaded.. well they didn't have a chance to fully import so we lost the last 2 months on camera. Very sad... My sister is probably crying now but we'll try and recreate all the wonderful moments of torturing our daughter and all her fun soccer practices.
Sadly, Isabel didn't win that photo contest she was in... I'm totally biased but she was still MUCH cuter then the winners. Below is the picture I chose to use. I loved everyone's input and probably to her detriment I chose this on because I thought is showed a bit of her personality, not just a cute posed photo.

My sister leaves for Africa tomorrow, for 9 months,.. as long as her flight can get to London with Iceland's volcano trying to reek havoc. It seems a bit surreal that I won't be able to just pick up a phone and call her whenever Isabel says something cute or whenever Isabel just wants to talk to her Auntie. We did set up Skype and Isabel... well she just likes to watch herself on camera but it makes for great entertainment.

Saturday is our walk for March of Dimes, It seems so odd that it's been 1 year and 8 months since we lost Brooklyn, in some ways it seems so recent and in others that was a lifetime ago. I'm very grateful that we get to participate in this organization and help all babies one day be born healthy. So please donate what you can to our team.


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Darl'n! I love that pic and think for sure it should have won...we may be biased too but who cares! ;o)

How exciting for Leslie & how sad that you will be without her ;o(

I plan to do a reminder on the walk on my Thursday post!

Oh & horrible about the pics. you may want to take your camera card every time you fill it to a drugstore and have a disc made. That way you always have a back up or even upload them to a server like Flickr or Shutterfly... yes yes I know the computer has to work for that to work but not if you take it to the drugstore....... ;o)

love ya!

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

When did Izzy grow up?

lesliem said...

I only cry because it's happened too many times! Why don't you guys try not deleting the pictures until they're actually saved on your computer! (copy and paste, don't cut and paste) Or maybe Macs don't do that? :)

It's still completely up in the air (oh that pun will not go away) whether or not I'm flying tomorrow. It's been pretty mind-numbing... years of build-up to eight months in Tanzania and then this! But many are have a worse time than me. At least I'm not stranded in Houston!

Oh, and if you have any Inet at home, we can use skype without video (better for slower connections). I'll let

Amy said...

LOVE THAT PHOTO!!! I agree that it shows her personality beautifully. Such a cutie!